How do I prepare for my appointment?

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  • If you are sensitive, you may take an over the counter pain reliever approximately one hour prior to your procedure. Do not take aspirin or any other blood thinners (including herbs and supplements such as Vitamin E, Fish Oil, St John’s Wort) as these can promote bleeding.
  • Do not consume alcohol 24hrs before the procedure.
  • Do not consume caffeine the day of the procedure (coffee, energy drinks or even Excedrin for migraines).
  • It is recommended to discontinue to the use of Retin-A or retinol containing skincare products two weeks prior to the procedure and during healing.
  • Avoid getting a Sunburn or tanning outdoors or a tanning bed for a least two weeks prior to the procedure.
  • For Eyeliner procedures, remove your contact lenses (bring your glasses with you!) and eye makeup before the appointment, as conventional eye makeup may leave residue and make the procedure more difficult. Eyelash extensions MUST be removed by your extension technician prior to your appointment, and can be reapplied after you are healed from your six-week Touch Up visit.
  • For Lip procedures, if you have ever experienced a cold sore or fever blisters it will be required to obtain an anti-viral prescription PRIOR to the appointment to be taken at least one week before and one week after the procedure to help prevent viral outbreaks which can impact how your lip color heals.

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